MR KONCHOK YANGPHEL was born on 7th June 1978 in Markham, Tibet, and fled to India in 1993. He attended schools at TCV Suja and Upper TCV. He was the recipient of the prestigious Sherig Best Boy award. He completed BA in Political Science from Ramjas College, DU in 2005 and MA in Political Science from Delhi University in 2007. When he was at school, he was the school captain and has served the students’ community. During his college years, he was elected the President of the Tibetan students’ association. He also worked as the President of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Delhi. He later became an executive member of the Tibetan Youth Congress for two consecutive terms from 2007-13, during which he sat on a hunger strike protesting China’s repressive regime and has traveled across the world including the US, Europe, and Australia for campaigns and presentations on Tibet-related issues.

Mr. Yangphel was previously elected to the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and was a member of the Standing Committee. He is the currently a Parliament Member of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile from Dhotoe province and also the General Secretary of International Maitreya Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization in Delhi.