Ven. Geshe Atong Rinchen Gyaltsen was born on 23rd July 1981 in Drachen, Kham, Tibet. He learned to read & write at a young age and studied spelling, poetry, Tibetan medicine, and religious rituals. In 2005, he fled to India and studied Bon sutra, tantra, & mind studies at Menri Bon Monastery for 15 years. After completing his studies in 2020, he was honored with a Geshe degree (equivalent to Ph. D.).

Geshe Gyaltsen has experience in managing Yungdrung Bon’s library and its website. He was an executive committee member of Menritsang, a supervisor of Menri Monastery, and a member of the Local Tibetan Assembly. Geshe Gyaltsen has spoken on Tibetan history at international Tibetology conferences, international Bon conferences, and at different colleges. He has published two research books and numerous articles. He is currently a member of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile from the Bon religion, as well as a member of the Tibetan Bon Association, Vice-Chairperson of the Local Tibetan Assembly, and an editorial member of the Bon-go Printing Press.