Parliamentarians Tsering Youdon and Tenzin Jamyang successfully concluded their official visit of Tibetan Settlements of North India

 Parliamentarians Tsering Youdon and Tenzin Jamyang welcomed at Poanta, HP

Dharamsala: As per the designated schedule of Tibetan settlements official visitation by the 16th Tibetan Parliament in Exile, parliamentarians Tsering Youdon and Tenzin Jamyang’s official visit to Tibetan Bon Foundation, Dolanji; Yangchen Gatseling, Shimla; Poanta Choelsum, Poanta; Kham Khatok, Sataun; Gapa Tibetan Society, Kamrao; Sakya Tibetan Society, Puruwala; Doeguyougayling Tibetan Settlement Office, Herbertpur; Baluwala Tibetan Settlement; and Tibetan Children Village and Vocational Training Centre of Selakui to meet Tibetan students and people living there from 20th June to 30th June, 2019 was successfully concluded.

Parliamentarians commenced their visitation program from Yangchen Gatseling Shimla on 20th June. In the presence of heads of the local authorities of the settlement, Parliamentarians Tsering Youdon and Tenzin Jamyang addressed the people gathered there on Proceedings of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, democracy, responsibility of Tibetans and importance of having cordial relation with the locals. They further clarified questions asked by the people and listened to their grievances and then later visited Dodrak Monastery.

Parliamentarians answering questions asked by the people

Parliamentarians visited scattered settlements and communities under the jurisdiction of Yangchen Gatseling Shimla for the next two days. On 21 June, they visited Nabha House, Bus Stand, Ladakimola, Rangzen Camp, Namgyal Monastery’s old age home, and Jonang Monastery. They also visited Central Tibetan School Shimla and spoke to the Tibetan teachers, staff and students on importance of education, and advised them to take special interest in Tibetan language.

Parliamentarian Tsering Youdon observing students

On 22nd June, they addressed a gathering of Tibetans from 9 different scattered communities under the jurisdiction of Tibetan Settlement of Shimla and spoke about Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile’s visitation/assessment program of Tibetan settlements, and Parliamentary proceedings. Parliamentarians urged them to keep cordial relationship with the locals, have gratitude towards their older generation, and to be a responsible Tibetan and check authenticity of posts on social media. They also visited Tibetan communities of Karapathar building, and Sota (handicraft centre).

Following their visitation program on 23 June, they visited Menriling Monastery and then addressed people of Tibetan Bonpo Foundation, Dolanji.

Parliamentarians at Central Tibetan for Tibetans, Herbertpur

Similarly on 24th and 25th June, they addressed people of Kam Kathok, Sataun and Gapa Tibetan Society, Kumrao respectively and clarified doubts and questions asked by them. They then visited settlement camps, school, settlement office, health care centre, and offices of the different organizations of the settlements. They also visited Tse-chen Samdupling Monastery at Kumrao.

Thereafter, on 26 June Parliamentarian Tsering Youdon addressed people of Sakya Tibetan Society, Puruwala on Parliament-in-Exile’s visitation/assessment program of Tibetan settlements, Tibetan democratic polity and Parliamentary proceedings, at the same time she urged settlement people to keep cordial relationship with the locals, and to be a responsible Tibetan and check authenticity of posts put on social media.

Parliamentarians Tsering Youdon and Tenzin Jamyang at Puruwala, HP

While Parliamentarian Tenzin Jamyang spoke on the four commitments of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, critical situation inside Tibet, Tibet’s situation on international level, and recent amendment made by the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile regarding the election rule. They answered questions raised by the people and later held a meeting with the settlement heads. They also visited Puruwala’s school, health care center, plantation project site, offices of settlement officer and Local Tibetan Assembly, and Sakya Monastery.

After visiting settlement office, offices of other organizations, health care centre, carpet weaving centre and Shulu Monastery of Poanta Tibetan Settlement. The Parliamentarians on 27th June addressed and answered questions asked by people of settlement. They then visited Sambhota Tibetan School (STS) Poanta and spoke on importance of education, and critical thinking to teachers, staff and students.

Parliamentarian Tenzin Jamyang addressing the people

They also addressed people of Doeguyougayling Tibetan Settlement Office, Herbertpur and visited settlement office, LTA office, health care centre, Ex-army’s old age home, and Tsedup Lhakang.

Following the program, they visited and addressed students of Tibetan Children’s Village School and Vocational Traning Centre at Selekui, and Central Tibetan School at herbertpur on 28th June. Later in the evening, they visited Gongkar Monastery, Kera Camp, Baluwala and other scattered communities of the area.

Parliamentarians observing students’ classroom

During the visitation program, 2 general meeting with the local authorities of Tibetan communities was conducted and a total of 11 public addresses were given.

The visitation program concluded successfully with their comprehensive inquiry about the conditions of destitute and recording of the grievances related to the general public, and schools. The grievances as per chronicled by the two parliamentarians will be forwarded to the associative departments of the Central Tibetan Administration under the Cabinet for effective grievances redress through the standing committee administration of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.

A group with staff and students of Sambhota Tibetan School, Poanta