Speaker attends the Function of Ngagyur Nyingma Nunnery Shugseb Institute  


DHARAMSALA: Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel was invited for the Function of Result Announcement of Annual Exam on Buddhist Philosophy of Nuns at Ngagyur Nyingma Nunnery Shugseb Institute based at Garoh, Himachal Pradesh. Speaker welcomed the Minister of Department of Religion and Culture of CTA, Ven. Karma Gelek, other eminent guests and the nuns of the nunnery who are present at the function. He appreciated the nuns for their good outputs in their annual exam.

Speaker highlighted the popularity and essence of this nunnery. Back in 1980s, in Tibet, the nuns of Shugseb Monastery had undertaken peace protest in regard to our Tibet cause and in exile, the nuns are working actively towards the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism. On the whole, they are contributing untiringly towards our cause, which is very appreciable.

He further stated that, due to the gratefulness of His Holiness he Dalai Lama, the nuns have the required facilities to do their education and therefore they have to take this privilege to enhance their education. There are cases of intellectual women in Tibetan history and the nuns can take them as role model to look for and be determined in their studies.

In recent times, not only Buddhist followers like Tibetans, Chinese, Mongolian, even non Buddhist followers are equally interested towards Tibetan Buddhism and thus the nuns should have a keen interest in Tibetan Buddhism and study it thoroughly.


He ended his speech by extending his wishes for the development of the Nunnery.