Successful Conclusion of the 5 days LTA Workshop at Gangtok

Gangtok:  Mr. Lutsang Gyari Thar, Resource person for the second day, elucidated on the topic of annual budget and its numerous aspects as per the rules and clauses enshrined in the Charter of Central Tibetan Administration while the third day of workshop was consumed with the allocation of certain tasks,preparation of star questions for the mock session and annual report of the settlement office, Rules amendments, Budget estimation etc amongst the participants. Both the participants and the resource person could be seen engrossed in discussions and tables swamped with papers as they prepared for the mock session.

With each passing day, the participants grew more perplexed as the participants had to take turns in the scheduled mock session under the guidance of the both resource persons of the workshop.

However, on the last two days, the mock session looked like an actual session with all the participants and the respective members posing questions on current issues related to their respective settlements. The both resource persons intervened in-between whenever an error was committed, be it diction, parlance or physiological gesture. Despite all the seriousness of an actual session, the only thing that discerns it as a simulation was the tinge of smile and the hint of laughter.

“Workshop on strengthening of democracy at the grass-root level to the members of the Local Tibetan Assembly” concluded successfully with an end-note speech by the incumbent Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel on the importance of carrying one’s duty as a Tibetan and to deploy their duty in whatever sphere, be it as a settlement officer or as a member of local assembly, with all sincerity and devotion. Mr.Lutsang Gyarik Thar, member of the standing committee, Tibetan Parliament in exile, expressed his appreciation to the participants for their attention and active participation during the 5 days worskhop.

The age group of the participants ranged from 74 years to 35 years old. Mrs. Yudon Aukartsang, member of the Parliament in exile, also attended the workshop to observe the proceeding of the mock session.