Speaker Pema Jungney Calls Attention Of WHO Amidst Coronovirus Outbreak In Tibet


Speaker Pema Jungney of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile

Dharamsala: Speaker Pema Jungney of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile appealed and called for the World Health Organization (WHO)’s attention to the outbreak of coronavirus in Tibet, where Tibetans are not provided proper protection by the Chinese government.

In a letter to the Direction General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, the Speaker wrote, “This is to bring to your kind attention that the Coronavirus which is currently a grave issue around the whole world is being highlighted and given close attention everywhere except Tibet.”

“Many countries are keeping close eyes on the passengers coming from China and putting the passengers from China in medical tests to avoid the virus getting into their countries. Whereas, Tibetans in Tibet under the illegal occupation of China are exposed to the deadly virus without any proper protection or medical aid. Tibetans can’t voice their suffering due to the repressive policy of China. Therefore I would like to bring your kind attention to the treatment of Tibetans inside Tibet by China, where China has not closed the gate to enter Tibet from Wuhan City, the epicenter of the virus.” he wrote.

Speaker further wrote “This act from China is not surprising because China has been persistently trying to perish the Tibetans since the occupation of Tibet in 1959. Therefore this is another strategy of China to perish Tibetans by not protecting them from the deadly virus and leaving the gate open for travelers from Wuhan City and others. China has been brutally oppressing Tibetans who stand for their religion, culture, language, and Identity. Their failure to eradicate our identity leads them to such a level that now they are letting the virus enter Tibet to eradicate Tibetans. This is inhumane and intolerable for us.”

“As the cases of Wuhan Coronavirus continue to rise rapidly, It is worrisome and dismaying for us living in exile for the people around the world and particularly for the Tibetans inside Tibet.”

“The death toll due to coronavirus is seen rising and we the Tibetans are concerned about the Tibetans inside Tibet who are ruthlessly suffering under the inhuman acts of China. Tibetans inside Tibet are not given proper care and on the contrary, the Chinese government has not closed the entry into Tibet. There are already reports of confirmed cases of coronavirus coming from Tibet. I hope and pray that it will not rise.”

Speaker concluded his letter by appealing, “Therefore On Behalf of Tibetans in Exile and Tibetan Parliament in Exile, I appeal your kind sir to look into this matter as a grave urgency and to take actions accordingly. Once again I urge your kind self to take immediate steps and act upon this issue. I am hopeful for a positive response.”

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