Official Remembrance Resolution of Mourning and Esteem

Official Remembrance Resolution of Mourning and Esteem


As per reports, at around 8:30 in the morning of 29 February 2016, Dorje Tsering, a student of Class X at the Tibetan Homes Foundation school, Mussoorie, set himself on fire near the old people’s home of the Tibetan settlement of Doegu Yulgyaling at Herbertpur in the north Indian city of Dehradun. He was taken to the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi in an emergency rush to try to save his life. However, it was of no help and at about 8:25 in the evening of 3 March 2016 he passed away in the hospital. The late 16-year-old Dorje Tsering, a patriotic Tibetan boy who martyred himself in the cause of Tibet, was a son of Mr. Thupten and Mrs. Nyima Yangzom who live in the north Indian hill town of Manali. Dorje Tsering was the youngest among his parents’ three sons and two daughters. He had initially studied in a Tibetan school in Manali as a small boy and later joined the Tibetan Homes Foundation school. He was a kind of boy who having once made up his mind went on to carry it out. Both his parents have said that their boy had previously asked them separately on successive occasions whether they would feel happy if he did something for the fundamental cause of Tibet.

While undergoing emergency treatment in the hospital in New Delhi, he spoke about his reasons for immolating himself. He said his name was Dorje Tsering; that he was a student of the Tibetan Homes Foundation school, Mussoorie; that since China occupied Tibet in 1959, one section of Tibetans had remained in their homeland while another group fled and lived in different foreign countries, including India; and that he had a desire to do something for the fundamental cause of Tibet ever since he was a little boy. And he said he immolated himself for the fundamental cause of Tibet by giving up the comfort of the affection of his parents; that he prayed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama to live for tens of thousands of years and that Tibet may definitely and speedily win its independence. “Victory to Tibet!” he uttered. For as long as this aeon endures, it will be hard to forget the contribution of this patriotic Tibetan martyr in the history of the Tibetans struggle for freedom, and will definitely remain a thousand-ray chapter in that struggle. It is therefore only fitting that on this occasion we adopt a remembrance resolution of mourning and esteem for him.


The Tibetan Parliament in Exile expresses heartfelt admiration for Dorje Tsering for the ideal underlying his patriotic deed. We fervently pray that whatever causes for sinful conducts he may have fallen to accumulated over his past many lives may get dispelled; and that coursing through the stages of the Four Great Wheels of the perfect path, he may speedily reach salvation and attain enlightenment. We express condolences and oneness of feeling with his family members and relatives.  We pray with utmost vigour and urgency to the oceans of victorious beings of the Three Precious Jewels that the wishes of the Tibetans both in Tibet and in exile for the sun of freedom to rise over us may be realised in all speediness and urgency.

Adopted unanimously by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile on 22nd March, 2016.

The above resolution was adopted unanimously by the 15th Tibetan Parliament in Exile at its 11th session on 22nd March, 2016

* In case of any unintended discrepancy between this translation and its original Tibetan text, the latter should be treated as authoritative and final.