A new Chairman appointed for the Ninth Public Accounts Committee 

Parliamentarian Ven. Geshe Lharampa Atuk Tsetan appointed as the new Chairman of the ninth Public Accounts Committee on Oct 1, 2018.


Dharamsala : The ninth Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) Chairman Parliamentarian Mr. Gyarik Thar Lutsang was replaced by Parliamentarian Ven. Geshe Lharampa Atuk Tsetan, upon his resignation from the committee on Oct 1.

As per the resolution passed in 5th session of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Res. No. 2018/16/5/26 & Doc. No. 26 and following the clauses 120 and 121 as stated in the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of Session of Tibetan Parliament-In-Exile, Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the incumbent parliament had selected members for the ninth Public Accounts Committee viz., parliamentarians Mr. Gyarik Thar Lutsang, Ven. Khenpo Kadak Ngodup Sonam, Ven. Geshe Lharampa Gowo Lobsang Phende, Mr. Dhondup Tashi and Mr. Lobsang Choejor.

The members had convened in the afternoon of the June 6, 2018 to unanimously select Mr. Gyarik That Lutsang as its Chairman and Khenpo Kadak Ngodup Sonam as its Secretary and at 10 am of June 11, they had met with the Speaker and Deputy Speaker to seek the requisite guidance and commence with the execution of their allotted tasks.

However, the Chairman of ninth PAC, Mr. Gyarik That has sought leave from the committee on October 1 from the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and subsequently, sans any changes in the other four members, Ven, Geshe Lharampa Atuk Tsetan was appointed as the new member of the ninth PAC. With the convention of all the members present, Ven. Geshe Lharampa Atuk Tetan was duly selected as its new President on the same day.