Official resolution of solidarity*

Official resolution of solidarity*   Preamble In 1949, immediately after the establishment of what was described as the People’s Republic of China, the communist Chinese government launched an armed invasion of the free and independent Snowland of Tibet through a series of offensive moves. It culminated in the whole of … Continued

Bill for Official Resolution of Solidarity

Bill for Official Resolution of Solidarity* PREAMBLE Ever since the period of the successive Tsenpo kings, and through the gradual advancement of its history, until the advent of the system of rule by successive Dalai Lamas as the spiritual leader and temporal head, the country known by the epithet of … Continued

Bill for official resolution of remembrance expressing bereavement*

Bill for official resolution of remembrance expressing bereavement* PREAMBLE United States Senator John S. McCain III was born on August 29, 1936, at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone, to US naval Admiral John S. McCain Jr., his father, and Roberta McCain, his mother. The sad … Continued

Official Obituary Reference

Official Obituary Reference   It was on 15th of January 2018, when Dr. Nand Kishore Trikha, former President of National union of Journalist, passed away in AIIMS hospital after a prolonged illness. Born on 5th of Nov, 1935, he was 82 years old.   In 1958 when he was just … Continued

Official Resolution of Solidarity*

Official Resolution of Solidarity* Preamble In the fifth decade of the 20th century, the so-called People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China launched what was the beginning of an armed invasion of Tibet. With it, the land of Tibet and its natural and human resources were both subjected … Continued

Official Resolution of Solidarity Since the year of 1959, the government of China has, boasting proud satisfaction in the accomplishments of its misdeeds, continued to churn out numerous kinds of propaganda claims which sought to make a virtue of its evil perpetrations, such as by claiming to have peacefully liberated … Continued

Official Resolution of Solidarity

Official Resolution of Solidarity Preamble Through successive Tsenpo rulers since its first king NyatriTsenpo, the kingdom of Purgyal Tibet had evolved as a nation in Central Asia renowned for its military power equally as of China and Mongolia. Indeed, it was a period in which Tibet was a fully independent country, with its own Tibetan language and script, religious traditions, cultural heritage, social civilization and … Continued

Official Resolution Expressing Solidarity

Official Resolution Expressing Solidarity PREAMBLE In 1949, the totalitarian Communist Party of China took control of the whole of China. However, not contended with this achievement of power, it at once set out to fulfil its hunger for further territorial acquisitions with a great display of avarice and invaded the … Continued

Official Resolution of Mourning, Honouring, and Remembrance

Official Resolution of Mourning, Honouring, and Remembrance PREAMBLE A sad incident took place on 19 May this year marked by the passing away of Mr. Marco Pannella, a former member of the European Parliament as well as of the national parliament of Italy. He was 86 years old at the … Continued