Deputy Speaker Attends 124th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Master Mitrasen Thapa



On 29 December, Deputy Speaker of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok attended 124th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Master Mitrasen Thapa at the Government College Auditorium Dharamsala as a Chief Guest. The function was organised by Master Mitrasen Sahitya Sangeet Sabha of Dharamsala.


At the event, Chief Guest Deputy Speaker, on behalf of the 16thTibetan Parliament-in-Exile welcomed Former MLA of Himachal Pradesh Mr. Vijay Singh Mankotia, President of Master Mitrasen Sahitya Sangeet Sabha Mrs. Sadhna Nepali and other distinguish guests of the event. He accentuated on the lives of Master Mitrasen Thapa who was a Nepali folk singer, songwriter, dramatist and social worker. His family moved from Nepal to Dharamsala and he was born in 1985 at Totarani, Dharamsala of Himachal Pradesh. He studied till 8th grade and in 1912, he joined Gorkha Rifles in Indian military and took part in World War -I with his battalion in France. During his military days, he hold profound consideration on the preservation of Nepali religion and culture that, even after leaving military service in 1920, he continued his life in preserving Nepalese music, Nepali language & culture, poem. He took tour to different parts of India to reach out to Gorkha communities and introduced them on the preservation of Nepali religion, culture and language. Above that in 1942, he translated a copy of Buddhavani , the life story of Lord Buddha and later in 1996, this translated copy was presented to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama by Master Mitrasen Sahitya Sangeet Sabha. Master Mitrasen visited his parental place in 1933, 1936 and 1944. His folk songs became popular among Nepalese people. To honour his great contribution towards Nepali community and music, Indian and Nepali government published a mailing stamp with his photo. This great legendary died when he was only 50 years old.

Furthermore, Deputy Speaker stated that Nepali people should consistently remember this great legend by preserving their own religion, culture and language and the  younger generations should continue his legacy. Tibetans in Tibet are deprived of basic human rights, freedom of religion, culture and language that People’s Republic of China are undertaking every possible way to destroy it. But we Tibetans in and outside Tibet are constantly working towards the preservation of our own religion, culture and language. He thanked Nepali people on behalf of all Tibetans and urge them to support the just cause of Tibet.

He then lauded the organizer for organizing this significant event and stated that he followed the life story of this great man only after getting the invitation and thus got privileged to come across such a legend. He concluded his speech by paying a homage to Master Mitrasen for his remarkable deeds which will remain immortal.


After that, others guests addressed the gathering followed by performances of Nepali traditional songs and dances.

During the event, President of Master Mitrasen Sahitya Sangeet Sabha Mrs. Sadhna Nepali announced on organising a debate on the writings of Master Mitrasen and then assured to support the issue of Tibet. Later she presented Deputy Speaker a souvenier as a mark to thank him for being the Chief Guest of the occasion. Similarly, Deputy Speaker presented a souvenier of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile to her and other eminent guest.