ICT President and US Republican Staffers Visit Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile

In the picture from left: Mrs. Tencho Gyatso, ICT, Ven. Acharya Yeshi Phunstok, ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, Ms. Emily Manning, Mr. Igor Khrestin and Mr. Matteo Meccaci.


Dharamsala: The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Tibetan Parliament-in-exile welcomed Mr. Matteo Meccaci, President of International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), Mrs. Tencho Gyatso, ICT Outreach Director and former member of TPiE and Two US Republican staffers, Ms. Emily Manning, Office of Senator Corker and Mr. Igor Khrestin, Office of Senator Gardner on 4th October to the Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat.

Speaker Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel briefs the dignitaries on issues of Tibet and the recent parliamentary session.


Speaker Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel briefed the delegation on the recent proceeding of the 6th session of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and the legislative amendment passed on the electoral rules and other official resolutions. He also thanked the US government and its parliamentarians for supporting the Tibet cause and especially for passing Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act in the House of Representative. He stated that this Act will help us know the actual situation inside Tibet.

Deputy Speaker Ven. Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok solicits the dignitaries to continue updating their government on situations inside Tibet.


Deputy Speaker Ven. Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok elucidated that within the past two years, he had welcomed many Parliamentarians and dignitaries from different countries in Dharamsala and it helped them understand and be familiar with the Tibet issue. He greeted the delegation and especially the US Republican staffers for their visit and requested them to update about Tibet issues to the Congress Members.

He said Tibet issue was raised several times in the US Congress and they also passed resolutions. International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) released 3 reports on Situation inside Tibet in 1959, 1960 and 1997 and US government with reference to the ICJ report should take special responsibility in organizing International Political Leaders meeting on Tibet and table the report in the United Nation. He also requested US Congress to assist ICJ in releasing the 4th report on the current crucial situation inside Tibet. Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok urged US Government and ICT to take responsibility and to continue updating about the situation inside Tibet to the US government and also urged US government to appoint a special coordinator on Tibet at the earliest.

Thereafter, they were taken for a guided tour to the Parliamentary Hall.

Mr. Matteo Meccaci, President of International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) shares his insight on the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act, which was passed recently in the US Congress.