Speaker Pema Jungney addresses the closing ceremony of the 14th Tibetan College Students’ Conference


Speaker Pema Jungney and Education Kalon Dr. Pema Yangchen launching a book called ‘Lobchen Ghi Myilam Karpo’

Bylakuppe: Speaker of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Pema Jungney addressed the closing ceremony of the 14th Tibetan College Students’ Conference held at Sera Thekchenling as the Chief Guest on 6 March 2020.

Special guest Education Kalon Dr. Pema Yangchen, representative of Sera Jey’s Chakzoe, and attendees from 27 different colleges were present at the closing ceremony.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Speaker Pema Jungney greeted the participants of the conference. He highlighted the significance of the conference, where participants are from both Tibetan traditional educational system and modern education system. Monk participants who are studying in a monastic education system and other participants from different institutes with modern education system attending the conference have different attributes to discuss and exchange ideas based on their respective conditions of both the education systems.

Lauding the 18-point agenda of the 14th Tibetan College Students’ Conference, Speaker spoke on the importance of discussing the four commitments of the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, which was one of the important agenda in the conference. He further stressed on educating others on the four commitments of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama with having proper background knowledge on it by attendees themselves and other students. At the same time, he appreciated the Tibetan college students’ intention of educating others on the same.

As students of today are future seeds of tomorrow, the entity of the Tibetan struggle and the future of Tibetan generation depend on the present students. Therefore, Speaker advised participants of the conference to concentrate on studies to raise educated Tibetans in the future, who would be ready to serve Tibet if ever Tibetans in and outside of Tibet get united again. Having sufficient human resources to equip necessary modern machines can really represent genuine autonomy, so Speaker once again advised students to study diligently not just for an individual’s life but for the future and cause of Tibet.

Speaking of the four commitments of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Speaker focused mainly on the first commitment of His Holiness, i.e. promoting human values or ethics. He said, “The activity of present humans construct the future world which can cause both positive and adverse effects depending on the action. So, it is extremely important to embrace good moral values and uphold ethical values to generate happiness for all sentient beings from the tiniest insect to humans. These days, as many of the animals’ habitat are affected by the undertakings of human beings, maintaining virtues character can indirectly affect the animals in a positive way.”

Speaker further spoke on religious harmony, he spoke of the baseless conflicts happening in the name of religion which can be resolved if harmony is restored within the religious communities. Similarly, he cited the example of Tibet when it was an independent country and then on how it is different today because of the kindness of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama which needs to be carried on by all.

Speaking on the importance of Tibet’s culture, religion, and language (spoken and written), the Speaker further said, “It is a shame if Tibetans can not speak or write Tibetan language but Tibetans, who have knowledge of spoken and written Tibetan language, speaking additional languages is ornament and glorious. We need to know as many languages as possible but should always prioritize the Tibetan language.”

“As I had already mentioned last year, Tibetan students studying in various colleges are representative of Tibet. You should take responsibility and speak on the situation of Tibet, problems faced by Tibetans living in Tibet, the approach taken to solve the problems, etc. to spread awareness of Tibet’s issue to other college students. Which can be done informally while having tea/lunch or in hostels without having to summon for a meeting. As students of different nationalities studying with Tibetan students in various colleges are future seeds of their own respective nations, who will be leaders and officials in the future. So, it is extremely important to educate the young students on Tibet’s issue for the long run,” said the Speaker.

Speaking on the agenda and passing of the resolution by the conference, Speaker advised participants to consider what the students can do instead of passing the responsibility to the department of education or department of home. He further said that when two representatives of Tibetan college students’ conference came to inquire about the executed resolutions from the previous conference, Speaker mentioned the same thing to them as the resolutions were related to the department of education or home or other departments. So, he advised that It would be beneficial if students can decide what they can execute and if not discuss how it can be executed in the next meeting.

Speaker then lauded Sera Jey for facilitating conference hall, accommodation, etc. to make the conference a success. He further lauded monasteries for the facility as the previous one was held in Drepung Loseling and the next one will be held in Menri Ling. Finally, he urged for the continuity of the conference and at the same time prayed for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and prompt resolution of Tibet’s issue. He also prayed for the successful execution of the passed resolution of the conference.

In the closing ceremony, Chief Guest Speaker Pema Jungney and special guest Education Kalon Dr. Pema Yangchen launched a book of the 14th Tibetan College Students’ Conference entitled ‘Lobchen ghi Myilam Karpo’ loosely translated as ‘ White dream of University.’ Speaker then presented awards to the toppers of the essay competition and award of appreciation to Sera Jey Kenyin monastery and Mysore University. Speaker then distributed certificates to the participants of the conference while Education Kalon distributed awards to the toppers of the annalistic essay competition, organizing committee and others. The organizing committee also thanked Speaker and Education Kalon for their presence and presented awards of gratitude.

In addition, Special guest Education Kalon’s remark and statement of Sera Jey Chakzoe were delivered. President of the 14th Tibetan College Students’ Conference also delivered thank you note.

Speaker Pema Jungney and Education Kalon with the organising committee

Speaker presenting award to a winner of an essay writing competition

Speaker presenting award to a winner of an essay writing competition

Speaker and Education kalon with the participants of the 14th Tibetan College Students’ Conference