Successful conclusion of Nepal visit by Parliamentarians Mr. Pema Jungney and Ven. Lopon Thubten Gyaltsen.

Tibetan Parliamentarian Mr.Pema Jungney and Ven. Lopon Thubten Gyaltsen during their visit to the Tibetan settlements in Nepal.

As per the designated schedule of Tibetan settlement official visitation by the 16th Tibetan Parliament in Exile, visit to the Tibetan settlements located at Nepal., viz., Pokhara Tashiling, Pokhara Tashi Palkyil, Pokhara Lodrik Jampaling, Lodrik Paljorling, Tashigang as well as Dorpathan, Lotserok and Manang/Nyeshang by Parliamentarians Mr. Pema Jungney and Ven. Lopon Thubten Gyaltsen from 25th May to 12th June was successfully concluded with their arrival at Dharamsala on 16th June.

Mr. Pema Jungney departed from Dharamsala on 22nd May while Ven. Lopon Thubten Gyaltsen on 23rd May. On their arrival at Delhi on 24th May, both of them left for Nepal the next day, whom were warmly received upon their arrival at Kathmandu by the Secretary of the Coordinator of Central Tibetan Administration, Deputy Secretary of U-Tsang Association, former parliamentarian Jamyang Thinley and members of Local Tibetan Assembly. They were also greeted with equal exuberance by the local dignitaries as well as the residents on their respective visitations to the settlements as well.

They visited Tibetan schools, monasteries, hospitals, handicraft centers, old people homes, House of Assembly of the Local Tibetan Assemblies, offices of the Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, destitute homes, SOS school under the jurisdiction of Tashiling Tibetan Settlement Office, monasteries including Dhargeyling monastery.

Mr. Pema Jungney addressing the Tibetan audiences at Manang.
Ven Lopon Thubten Gyaltsen addressing the Tibetan public at Pokhara Tashiling.

During the respective visitations, a total of 6 general meeting with local authorities of Tibetan communities were held and 8 public talks were given. The two parliamentarians addressed the public on the critical situations inside Tibet and its relative international political scenario, the political outlook of the Central Tibetan Administration, evolution of democracy in exile, the proceeding of assembly session and its affairs. They also engaged in question-answer session with the public.

Looking into the condition of destitute by the two member of Tibetan Parliament at Dorpatha during their Nepal visit.

They inquired about the condition of destitute and grievances related to them as well as the general public, schools and monasteries. Grievances from the general public and students alike were chronicled by them.

It took a total of 16 days for the parliamentarians to successfully conclude this program.

The grievances as per chronicled by the two parliamentarians will be forwarded to the associative departments of the Central Tibetan Administration under the Cabinet for immediate grievances redressal through the standing committee administration of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.