Parliamentarians Mr. Migyur Dorjee and Mr. Dawa Tsering concluded their official visits to Tibetan settlements and markets in Central India successfully

With Mayor of Bhopal Shri Alok Sharma Ji, Presdient of Indo-Tibet Friendship Association (ITFA) Former DGP Shri Puri Ji, Advisor to ITFA Shri Sahashi Ji

Dharamsala: As per the pre-defined schedule of Tibetan settlements official visitation by the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Parliamentarians Mr. Migyur Dorjee and Mr. Dawa Tsering’s visit to Tibetan settlements in Central India viz.,Norgyeling Tibetan Settlement, Bhandara in Maharashtra and Phendeling Tibetan Settlement, Mainpat in Chattisgarh as well as 10 Tibetan winter sweater markets under the jurisdiction of the two settlements from Nov 2 to Nov 31 was successfully concluded with their arrival at Dharamsala on on Nov 31.

While Parliamentarian Mr. Migyur Dorjee departed from his residence at Rabgyaling Tibetan settlement, Hunsur on Nov 2, Parliamentarian Mr. Dawa Tsering departed from Dharamsala on the same day. The next day upon their arrival at Nagpur, they were greeted with warm welcome by the Tibetan settlement officer of Norgyeling Tibetan settlement, Bandhara, members of Local Tibetan Assembly and the President of the Nagpur Tibetan Market Association.

At Bhopal Tibetan market, Madhya Pradesh, India
At Jhansi Tibetan market, Uttar Pradesh, India











On Nov 4, with the commencement of their official program, the parliamentarians left for Nagpur Tibetan market at 8 am where, they were welcomed by the President of the Tibetan market association, Tibetan people as well as Parliamentarian Karma Gelek, who resides there. During the congregation, Tibetan settlement officer of Norgyeling Tibetan settlement, Bandhara introduced the two parliamentarians which was followed by Mr. Tenzin Passang, member of the Nagpur Tibetan market association reading out the report of Tibetan market. Thereafter, the parliamentarians elucidated the congregation of the Central Tibetan Administration’s Middle Way Policy, achievements and legacy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on global level, gratitude towards the government of India and its people for their support to the cause of Tibet  and on the preservation and promotion of Tibetan language and culture.

At Sambhoata Tibetn School, Phendeling Tibetan settlement, Mainpat (CH), India
At Thekche Choeling monastery in Norgyeling Tibetan settlement, Bhandara (MH), India











Similarly, during their visit to the other two Tibetan settlements as well as the monasteries, temples, schools and Tibetan markets under the two settlement’s jurisdiction, they were received with an equal exuberant welcome. A meeting with the general body of authorities comprising respective Tibetan settlement officers, members of Local Tibetan Assembly, school teachers and staffs, Directors of health care centers and clinics as well as Camp leaders in Norgyeling Tibetan settlement, Bhandara was held while a total of 13 speeches were delivered by the two parliamentarians during this officially designated-settlement tour.

In particular, during their vist to the Tibetan markets, they met with the members of the Indo-Tibet Frienship Association, Tibet supporters, Market patrons as well the the Indian authorities of the respective district and ministers of the respective states. The two parliamentarians thanked them for the generosity and the support rendered towards Tibetan people by both the Government of India and the concerned personnel. They also apprised them of the ameliorating and redressing the grievances faced by the Tibetans under their respective jurisdiction, which were met with positive response.

At Indo-Tibet Friendship Association function, organized by the Tibetans at Sagar Tibetan Market, Madhya Pradesh, India.


This official itinerary of 20 days concluded successfully with their comprehensive inquiry and assessment of the conditions of destitute and recording of the grievances concerning the Tibetan public, schools, markets and monasteries regarding their welfare and administration.

The grievances as per chronicled by the parliamentarians will be forwarded to the concerned departments under the Cabinet for effective grievance redressal through the standing committee of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.