Successful Conclusion of North-East visit by Parliamentarians, Konchok Yangphel and Mr. Dorjee Tsetan.

North-East Tibetan Settlements visitation by the Tibetan Parliamentarians, Mr. Konchok Yangphel and Mr. Dorjee Tsetan.

As per the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile’s pre-defined official visitation to various Tibetan settlements in India,  the visit to North-East Tibetan settlements, namely., Tenzingang, Bomdila, Tawang, Gharcham, Tezu, Dirang and Shillong by Parliamentarians Mr. Konchok Yangphel and Mr. Dorjee Tsetan from May 24 to June 9 was successfully concluded with their arrival at Dharamsala on June 9.

Both the Parliamentarians left for Delhi on 24th May. They departed for Tenzingang on June 25 from Delhi. They were welcomed at Tenzingang Tibetan settlement with great ebullience by the Settlement officer, Mr. Yangdup along with Administrator of Gyutoe Monastery, Acting-Principal of Sambhota Tibetan School, members of the Local Tibetan Assembly, Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, Cooperative Society and the local leaders of the said settlement.  They were also received with equal exuberance during their respective visitations to the other settlements.

During their visit, a general meeting with local authorities was held, eight public talks were given to the audiences consisting of general public and students alike while discourse on the revitalization of settlements and schools were held five times.The two Parliamentarians paid homage to the temples and visited schools, monasteries, Mentsekhang, settlements, offices of the Tibetan settlement officers, House of Assembly of  the Local Tibetan Assemblies, Offices of the Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, Cooperative societies and agricultural fields as well.

Tibetan Parliamentarian Mr. Dorjee Tsetan (left) and Mr. Konchok Yangphel (centre) addressing the Tibetan public during their North-East Tibetan Settlements visitation.

 Mr. Konchok Yangphel spoke on the achievements of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the life-long struggle for the cause of Tibet and its truth. He also addressed the public on the evolution of Democracy in exile, framework of the Charter and the policy of Central Tibetan Administration. While Mr. Dorjee Tsetan talked on the critical situation inside Tibet and the struggle for Tibetan freedom in exile, the transformation in the politics of China and other neighboring countries, current situation of the Communist China and the ongoing atrocities inflicted by them.

A general meeting of the leaders of the local Tibetan communities being held by the two Parliamentarians.

During the meeting with students, they elucidated on the importance of contemporary education, their duties and participation for the cause of Tibet, duties of the teachers, importance of Tibetan culture and language and its preservation.They expressed their gratitude, on behalf of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, in particular to the Rinpoche of the lower Buddhist temple, Bomdila for his perennial support to the Tibetans residing in Bomdila and Arunachal Pradesh.

They inquired about the condition of the destitute and grievances related to them as well as the general public, schools and monasteries. They also engaged in question-answer session with the students and general public alike. Grievances from the general public and students alike were chronicled by them.

It took a total of 17 days to conclude this program successfully.

The grievances as per chronicled by the two parliamentarians will be forwarded to the associative departments of the Central Tibetan Administration under the Cabinet for further consideration and redressal through the standing committee administration of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.

North-East Tibetan Settlements visitation by the Tibetan Parliamentarians, Mr. Konchok Yangphel and Mr. Dorjee Tsetan.