Richard Nilsson, the director of Adventure of Humanity Project visits the Tibetan Parliament.

With Mr. Richard Nilsson,Director of Adventure of Humanity Project.


Dharamsala: The Tibetan Parliament-in-exile was visited by Mr. Richard Nilsson, director of the Adventure of Humanity Project, its co-ordinator Mr. Jampa and Mr. Dawa Tsering, member of 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-exile and the director of Kunphen Centre, Dharamsala based non governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on treatment of drug abuse on 31 august 2017.

Mr. Nilsson said that Adventure of Humanity project is a humanitarian project started by Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson in the year 1999. It strives to aid various charity organisations financially while spreading the message from these two legends of love, peace, unity and equality between all humankind. He and HrH Chief Mandela, grandson of the late South African President Nelson Mandela has continued to carry on with this project after the demise of these two legends in 2015. He also expressed his great honor at the opportunity to get audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and was exuberant by his teachings and advices.

The Deputy Speaker and dignitaries conversing with the dignitaries on Tibet’s issue and other.


Deputy Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament, Ven. Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok apprised him regarding the political situations in Tibet especially the circumstances pertaining to the whole of Tibet ever since the occupation of Tibet by the communist China. He lauded the visitor for his humanitarian work of helping the destitute and the endeavor to spread world’s peace especially for aiding the Kunphen Centre, Dharamsala. He further said that since social services enables in preserving one’s religion, culture and language, it holds certain significance in the struggle of a nation.

“At times of Chinese government’s incessant campaigns to eliminate Tibetan religion, language and culture, when the need of preservation of our language, religion and identity is at its epitome, I solicit yours and your foundation’s continual support for the Tibetan cause. And as you return to your free country, kindly do spread the awareness regarding the Tibet’s issue among your friend, dignitaries of various offices, parliamentarian.” Said the Deputy Speaker.

At the end, the Deputy Speaker awarded Mr. Nilsson with a modest memento on behalf of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile.