Speaker Pema Jungney Congratulates European Parliament’s Members of Tibet Interest Group

A Tibet Interest Group (TIG) was formed in the recently elected European Parliament on Wednesday. Ms Molly Scott-Cato, MEP chairs the meeting attended by seven MEPs, nine Assistants of MEPs and staff of the Office of Tibet and ICT. Photo/tibet.net/CTA


Dharamsala: Speaker Pema Jungney of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, on behalf of 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, congratulates Members of Tibet Interest Group of European Parliament on being elected as the members of the European Parliament.

Speaker in the congratulatory letter wrote, “I would also like to express my hearty gratitude to all of you for becoming a member of Tibet Interest Group (TIG) which truly means a lot and showcase the support that you have towards the just cause of Tibet.”

“This group is a strong voice for the interests of Tibetans since 1989. All the members have advocated Tibet on various platforms through various activities and we are grateful for all the efforts that you have put to bring the Tibet issue on the global front. Members of TIG has taken responsibility for all the resolutions of the European Parliament concerning the human rights situation in Tibet and saved lives of political prisoners through constructive dialogue with the Chinese government,” he wrote.

The Speaker further wrote, “I welcome and congratulate all the new members for joining this group. We the Tibetans have great hope in each one of you and we believe that you will do your best to make a difference for our cause. Congratulations to the new President of the Tibet Interest Group MEP Mikulas Peksa and all the members. We wish you all the best.”

“I would also like to express my profound gratitude to MEP Ms Molly Scott-Cato and the outgoing members of the group. The contribution that you all have made to the cause of Tibet will be remembered forever. I appreciate all of your efforts and wish you all the best in your life ahead,” he wrote.

The Speaker concluded stating, “Each one of you are making a difference and we urge you to continue the support throughout the time until our issue is resolved. We remain indebted forever. Once again, on behalf of the Tibetans in and outside Tibet I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to the new members and wish you all the best for the endeavours ahead! “

“I hope to meet you all at Dharamshala someday.”

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