The tenth day of the 10th session of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile

Speaker Pema Jungney counting votes

Dharamsala: Chaired by Speaker Mr. Pema Jungney, the tenth day of the 10th session of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile convened at 9:30 am with the first list of business, the official bill and resolution presented by Deputy Speaker Ven. Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok and supported by Parliamentarian Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel. In accordance with Clause (IV), Article (63), Charter (VI),  enshrined in the Charter of Tibetans in exile, ‘Unless removed from office by a majority vote of at least two-thirds of the total strength of the Tibetan Parliament by a resolution introduced for the purpose of the impeachment of the Chief Justice Commissioner or, as the case may be, any of the two other Justice Commissioners’, the official resolution to impeach the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commissioner and the other two Justice Commissioners was passed with 31 votes against 10 in a secret ballot, which makes more than two-thirds of the total strength of the Parliament Members.

Continuing the deliberation from the previous sitting, a total of 20 Parliament Members participated in the discussion on the undertaking of the Department of Home (DoH). The house deliberated on the need of accommodation for the Tibetan new arrivals and expressed concern over the plight of theirs, while some of the members appreciated the newly established Tibetan settlements for the new arrival Tibetans. Likewise, similar problems faced by scattered Tibetan communities and underprivileged communities concerning the housing issues were also raised in the house.

Topics like projects on providing housing facilities for the Tibetan nomads of Changthang, basic necessities of electricity & sanitation for the Tibetans living in the border areas, constructing new office buildings for certain settlements, repairment of settlement houses, and strengthening of cooperative societies of Tibetan settlements were discussed in the house.

The Kalon provided answers to the questions raised in the house on Record of Tenancy Certificate (RTC) for Tibetans, illegal selling of the government’s land, plantation programs in settlements, problems faced by roadside trinket sellers, providing vocational training to unemployed youths, etc.

Many of the Parliamentarians appreciated the newly constructed Tibetan-styled office and staff quarters buildings in Gangkyi premises, however many of them also suggested renovating some previously build staff quarters of the CTA.  

As the Tibetan settlement of Kullu is located near a riverbank and the threat of constant flood is a common occurence, Parliamentarians expressed concern over the danger faced by the Tibetans living there, to which, the Kalon apprised the house of the department’s upcoming project regarding the same.

The session continued with the undertaking of the Tibetan Reception Centre under the Department of Security (DoS). Kalon Phagpa Tsering of the Department of Security provided requisite answers to the questions asked by 10 Parliamentarians on Tibetan political prisoners, issues of new arrival Tibetans, facility at the reception center, and others. Parliamentarians also suggested proper maintenance of the Dharamsala TRC building infrastructures.

Kalon Khorlatsang Sonam Topgyal of the Department of Home (DoH) provided clarifications to the queries raised on the undertaking of the Chief Representative of the South Zone and settlements without local Tibetan assembly. Likewise, Kalon Karma Yeshi of the Department of Finance (DoF) read answers from the Election Commission to the questions asked on the working of the Tibetan Election Commission.

The session adjourned at 5:00 pm until 9:30 am of the next morning. 

Deputy Speaker Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok presenting the official resolution

Parliamentarian Khenpo Sonam Tenphel presenting the official resolution

Speaker Pema Jungney addressing the house

Kalon Khorlatsang Sonam Topgyal answering questions in the house today

Kalon Phagpa Tsering of the DoS answering questions in the house today