Tibetan Parliamentary Delegation in Russia.


The Tibetan Parliamentary Delegation welcomed at Russia.


Dharamsala: As is customary for the Tibetan parliamentarians to visit and meet the dignitaries, Tibet support groups and think tanks all over the world as well as to seek support of Tibet’s cause, a delegation representing the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, led by Mr. Pema Jungney, Mr. Tashi Dhondup and Mr. Lobsang Dakpa has reached Russia on Sept 9.

The delegation was welcomed to the world’s largest country by Mr. Karma Tenzin, Secretary of Moscow Office of Tibet and Mr. Dawa Tsering, Vice President of Moscow Tibetan Community. Their arrival at St. Petersburg, the next day, was also identified with equal exuberance of welcome greetings by the members of the Friends of Tibet.

The delegation at Datsan Gunzechoinei, the Buddhist Temple at St.Petersburg.
The delegation at Datsan Gunzechoinei, the Buddhist Temple at St.Petersburg.














They visited the Buddhist monastery built by Tsenshab Ngawang Dorjee, also known as Agvan Dorzhiev (1854-1938) and deliberated on the topics relating to the past and future relationship between Tibet and Mongolia with the abbot of the monastery. They also visited the famous Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg in particular inspected the segment with Tibet and its related artifacts sectioned under Art of Central Asia and Art of Far East.

With the students and faculty members of the Dept. Tibetan and Mongolian Studies, SPBU.


On Sept 11, the Three-man delegation visited the University of St.Petersburg and met with Pavel Grokhovski, Director of Tibetan and Mongolian Department, Dr.Uspensky, Lecturer, Tibetan and Mongolian Department, Badma Narmaev, Lecturer, Tibetan and Mongolian Department. They also elucidated the students of the university on the issues of Tibet and clarified their doubts via question-answer session.

Engaged in discussion with the members of the Tibet support group.


The Director stated that that this is the first time for the university to be visited by Tibetan parliamentarian and thus, a historic day. He further expressed his hope for the continual strengthened relationship between the university and the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.

The delegation also explained in detail the framework of Central Tibetan Administration, the political approach to resolve the Tibet’s issues and on the endeavors to seek more support for the Tibet’s cause to the members of the Tibet Support group. They later engaged in question-answer session as well.

This visit is scheduled to last Sept 16.


With members of Tibet support group.
With members of Tibet support group.