Official program at Doeguling Tibetan Settlement, Mungod successfully concluded

Dharamsala : As per the invitation proffered by National Democratic Party of Tibet to speak on ‘Democracy and Unity’ at four Tibetan settlements in Southern India, Speaker of 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel was welcomed and greeted, upon his arrival at Hubli airport on July 14, by Chief Representative of Southern Tibetan Settlements and Mundgod Doeguling Tibetan Settlement’s Chairman of Local Tibetan Assembly as well as its Secretary, Chairman of Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, President of both center and local National Democratic Party of Tibet and members of the Co-operative society.

He was then escorted to Mungod Drepung Loseling Guest-House, where the representatives of the various monasteries, Secretary of the Co-operative Society, Principals and Teachers of various schools, Directors of Tibetan clinics, members of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan Women Association as well as the camp leaders of Tibetan settlement greeted the Speaker of 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.










On July 15th, in pursuant to the pre-defined program by the National Democratic Party of Tibet, Speaker Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel elucidated on ‘Democracy and Unity’ to the Tibetan public at Doeguling Tibetan Settlement, Mundgod and provided answers to the questions raised by the audience.

In keeping with the invitation proffered to Former-Kalon Mrs. Gyari Dolma, she also spoke on the same topic. Later in the evening, Speaker addressed the monks at Drepung Lachi and answered the questions raised by the monks. H.E. Khen Rinpoche (Abbot) of the monastery was also present at the event.











On July 16th, in accordance with the request by the above Tibetan settlement’s Local Tibetan Assembly, Speaker spoke on the power and responsibilities of the Local Tibetan Assembly and the significance of rendering one’s service with right moral and virtue. Clear and definite answers were provided by the Speaker during the question-answer session. Thereafter, he visited the Tibetan settlement office and Old-Age home in the settlement, led by its Tibetan Settlement Officer.











In the noon,  22 different institutions and non-governmental organizations organized an official lunch in honor of Speaker and then, in the evening, Speaker addressed the monks at Gaden Lachi and engaged in question-answer session with the monks. H.E. Khen Rinpoche (Abbot) of the monastery was also present at the event.

With the successful conclusion of the program at the above-mentioned Tibetan settlement, the representatives of both governmental and non-governmental organizations at Doeguling Tibetan Settlement, Mundgod saw off the Tibetan Parliamentary Speaker, who left for Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppe from Hubli.