Speaker of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile expresses gratitude to the US Congress




Speaker of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Mr. Pema Jungney, on behalf of all Tibetans, extended his utmost gratitude to the US Congress in passing “The Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act” in their respective Houses.

The Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act (H. R. 1872) is to promote access for the United States officials, journalists, and other citizens to Tibetan areas of the People’s Republic of China. This significant bipartisan bill has been unanimously passed in both the House of Representatives & Senate and now it has to be presented to the US President Trump to sign it into a law.

Speaker lauded Representative James McGovern, Representative Randy Hultgren, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Tammy Baldwin in getting the bill passed and further mentioned, ” Introducing and approval of this Act connotes that Tibet’s issue is a critical concern in the US Houses.   It pressurizes China in their false propaganda relating to Tibet’s issue to the world. China who has been tagged as the world’s most flagrant human rights abuser, has taken every measure to oust Tibet from the rest of the world by restricting foreigners, particularly the journalists from reporting on its inhuman acts, illegal killings, brutal repression, persecution and false imprisonment to the world. It is a historic moment for Tibetans, especially for Tibetans inside Tibet whose voiceless voices have been heeded and above that, it sends a strong message of hope to those who are still in immense suffering.”

Moreover he stated “Over the years, the United States has been among the pioneer countries in helping Tibetans to protect it’s unique culture and identity by welcoming His Holiness the Dalai Lama from 1979 followed by adoption of The US Tibetan Resettlement Project in 1990s, The Tibet Policy Act of 2002, the recent Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act.”

He concluded the letter by appreciating the US Congress in taking such a strong challenge against China, one of the most economic power in the world but a country who disregard moral values.

Similarly, Speaker appreciated and thanked International Campaign for Tibet President Matteo Mecacci and his team for their constant efforts in advocating the US Congress to pass this Act in their respective Houses. And also extended his appreciation for all those who have worked together in this historic landmark.


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