Speaker of Tibetan Parliamentary wraps up his US official tour successfully

Speaker addressing the Tibetan community at San Francisco.


San Francisco : After concluding the successful advocation for Tibet in Washington DC, Hon. Speaker Ven. Khenpo Sonam Tenphel landed in San Francisco on December 15th where he was warmly received at the airport by Tenzin Rangdol, President of Tibetan Association of Northern California and its board members. In the afternoon, he called on the Mayor of Berkley (CA) Jesse Arreguin and briefed him about current deteriorating situation in Tibet and sought continued support for Tibet’s issue. He thanked him and his office for hosting Tibetan flag on Tibetan National Uprising day, which they have been doing it for more than a decades.

With the Mayor of Berkley (CA) Jesse Arreguin.


While he was there, he visited Gyuto Foundation, Nechung Dharma Center, Bay Area Pal Tsechen Ling, Sera Je Dharma Center and Gyalshen Institute where he was briefed by the Head of the centers about their activities and thanked him for the visits.

Sera Je Dharma Center
At Gyalshen Institute.
At Bay Area Pal Tsechen Ling.










On December 16th afternoon, he met with Mayor of Richmond (CA)Tom Butt and Mayor Elect of El Cerrito Gabriel Quinto who came to see him at the Tibetan community hall. Hon. Speaker then addressed the Tibetan community along with the Mayors who welcomed the Speaker and expressed their continued support for Tibet’s cause and the Tibetans living the cities.

With Mayor of Richmond (CA)Tom Butt (Second Right) and Mayor Elect of El Cerrito Gabriel Quinto (Far left)


In the evening, he left San Francisco and arrived at Salt Lake City where he was welcomed by the Tibetan community including North American Chithue Pema Chagzoetsang, President of Tibetan Association of Utah Tenzin Kunsang and its board members; and former Chithue Tsering Dhondup at the airport. The Speaker addressed the Tibetan community of Utah at the newly built Tibetan community center where he met with Utah State Senator Jim Davis and Salt Lake City county Mayor Ben Mcadam who welcomed the him and expressed their happiness over presence of vibrant Tibetan community in the city.

With Utah State Senator Jim Davis and Salt Lake City county Mayor Ben Mcadam .


After the Speaker’s successful trip to Washington DC, San Francisco and Salt Lake City, he left for New Delhi via New York.

He is scheduled to arrive in New Delhi tomorrow early morning.

-Report filed by OOT, US –