Successful conclusion of Kollegal Tibetan settlement and Ooty visitation program by Parliamentarians Mr.Serta Tsultrim and Mr. Lingtsang Pema Delek.

      Group pic with the Tibetans at Ooty in front of their Welfare Association office.


Dharamsala: As per the designated schedule of Tibetan settlements official visitation by the 16th Tibetan Parliament in Exile, parliamentarians Mr. Serta Tsultrim and Mr. Lingtsang Pema Delek’s official visit to Dhondenling Tibetan settlement, Kollegal in Karnataka and Ooty in Tamil Nadu to meet Tibetans living there from 8 August to 15 August 2017 was successfully concluded with departure to their respective residences on 15 August 2017.

The two parliamentarians met at Mysore on 10 August 2017 upon their departure from their respective residences and left for Ooty on the same day.

The parliamentarians, whom were warmly received by the local Tibetan dignitaries, commenced with their program upon their arrival at Ooty on 10 August 2017. They discussed on the matters and the issues concerning their welfare and circumstances related to the Tibetan market, opposite the Botanical Garden, Ooty.

At Tibetan Market, Ooty.
Ooty residents listening attentively











On 11 August 2017, they left for Dhondenling Tibetan settlement, Kollegal, Karnataka and received by the Tibetan settlement officer, Speaker of the local Tibetan assembly, President of the Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, Chairman and the Secretary of the Co-operative society. On the next day, they visited the Tibetan settlement office as well as the offices of the Local Tibetan Assembly, Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, Co-operative society, Tibetan Medical and Astro-Institute (Mentsekhang), Old-Age homes, Health clinic, school and monasteries. They also met with the residents of the settlement and intimated regarding their welfare and grievances.

During their visitation, they addressed the Tibetan public thrice while also engaging in discussions and question-answer session with the audiences, comprising of both the students and general Tibetan alike. Mr. Serta Tsultrim elucidated on the political outlook of both His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Central Tibetan Administration for the resolution of the cause of Tibet, critical situation inside Tibet and China as well as its relative international political scenario whereas Mr. Lingtsang Pema Delek spoke on the proceeding of the Tibetan Parliamentary session and the various framework initiated by the Central Tibetan Administration with respect to the education, health and welfare of Tibetan. They also spoke on the importance of education to the students as well.

Addressing the Tibetans residing at Dhondenling Tibetan settlement, Kollegal

This program was particularly highlighted by the opportunity to meet Smt. J.Innocent Divya (IAS), Collector of the Nilgiri district, Tamil Nadu. The parliamentarians apprised the Collector regarding the difficulties faced by the Tibetans at the Ooty Tibetan market and appealed for its effective remedies. They, along with Kollegal Tibetan settlement officer and the Chairman of the Co-operative society, sought appointment to meet Smt.M.J.Roopa (KAS), Assistant Commissioner, Kollegal sub-division of Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. During the meeting, they requested the Assistant Commissioner to expedite the issuance of Kollegal Tibetan settlement’s Rent Tenancy Certificate (RTC or Patta) process. The parliamentarians honored both the dignitaries with mementoes on behalf of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile.


This itinerary of 7 days concluded successfully with their comprehensive inquiry about the conditions of destitute and recording of the grievances related to the general public, schools and monasteries.

The grievances as per chronicled by the two parliamentarians will be forwarded to the concerned departments of the Central Tibetan Administration under the Cabinet for effective grievances redressal through the standing committee of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile.