Tibetan Parliament publishes ‘Voices of Tibetan Lives Sacrificed Against China’s Policy of Violent Repression’

16ht TPiE’s book entitled ‘Voices of Lives Sacrificed against China’s Policy of Violent Repression’.


Dharamsala : The trio-lingual publication of the book entitled ‘Voices of the Lives Sacrificed Against China’s Policy of Violent Repression’ in Tibetan, English and Chinese was distributed today. The book details the names and the date of incidents of the 152 known self-immolations from February 27, 2009 to March 7, 2018 and a compilation of their testamentary messages along with photos portraying peaceful protest against the atrocious and hard-line policies of the Chinese government; obliteration of Tibetan culture; destructive plundering of the natural environment of Tibet; peaceful protest under violent repression violent repression of the Tibetan people by the Chinese security forces and the government of China’s war preparation over Tibet .

Ever since the forceful occupation of Tibet by the Chinese government, not only are human rights in Tibet stomped upon but rather the plights of Tibetans, instead of listening, are reciprocated with brutal suppression of heavily armed forces.  Thus, Tapey, a monk from Kirti Monastery, Ngaba resorted to self-immolation in February 2, 2009 and from then on till March 7, 2018 when Tsekho from Ngaba, Amdo region self-immolated, there has been 152 known and reported self-immolations, all of whom had protested against the extremely atrocious and wrongful policies of the Chinese government.

The oldest Tibetan who carried out such a self-immolation was 64 years old while the youngest being just a 15 years old. The self-immolators included lamas, monks, nuns, farmers, nomads, students and so on. Their demands, as the flame engulfed their scorching body, were ‘Invite his Holiness the Dalai Lama back to Tibet ! Let there be freedom in Tibet !,’ which are clear indication of their peaceful protest against the atrocious policies implemented by the Chinese government. However, the Chinese government not only offers distorted explanations on the causes of the self-immolations, they have even resorted to increased restriction by deploying additional heavily-armed military troops. Even their surviving family members and friends are subjected to baseless accusations and unwarranted arrest and torture.

The selflessness and the courage of the heroic Tibetan men and women imbued with patriotism, led by those who have carried self-immolations for the cause of the Tibetan nationhood, ethnicity and culture, could ever be forgotten by the Tibetan people. That being the case, the Tibetan Parliament in Exile has, during its successive sessions, adopted resolutions expressing solemn respect for and solidarity with them in remembrance of their sacrifices. It is but our irreversible duty to be the voice of voiceless in Tibet on the global platform.

In 2012, the 15th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile had published the book entitled, ‘Messages from Martyrs’, documenting the photos and information of the 51 self-immolators in Tibet from 2009 till August 27, 2012. And in continuation with the said book, this book entitled ‘Voices of the Lives Sacrificed Against China’s Policy of Violent Repression’ compiling the details of the 152 self-immolators are published and distributed by the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile today.