Tibetan Parliamentary Delegation Meets Congressman David Price, Leaders of Amnesty International, HRW and others

Tibetan parliamentary delegation with Congressman David Price, the Chairman of House Democratic Partnership.

Washington DC: This Thursday the Tibetan parliamentary delegation and Representative Ngodup Tsering met early in the morning with leaders of civil societies at the conference room of Human Rights Watch (HRW). At the request of Office of Tibet, Sophie Richardson, the Director, hosted the meeting which was attended by the Director of Victims of Communism, Amnesty International, the Project 2049 Institute, and HRW staff. It was a very intimate, interactive, frank, and fruitful discussion. The Members of the Parliament brought home to them the dire situation in Tibet and asked them if they could visit Tibet and find more about the real situation for them and also expressed their appreciation for their pro-justice effort.

The HRW Director mentioned that they have embarked upon a new research project on how the Chinese government is destroying the Tibetan language and through it, the Tibetan identity. The Members suggested a few ways the research could be made more productive. The Office of Tibet expressed its willingness to help in the research work of the HRW.

Sophie Richardson praised the delegation for coming all the way to the US to tell their story. She feels that the institution of democracy that has been set up by His Holiness for the Tibetan people is very unique. She also praised the Tibetan people’s resilience and continued efforts. The meeting’s attendants were interested in how the parliament and government-in-exile functions. Ellen Bork, a fellow of the 2049 Institute, maintained that Tibet has a high profile in the international community and should to advocate how Tibet matters in the geo-political lens. She referred to President Sangay’s talk at the NED when he was making a case for how Tibet matters in the framing of Indo- Pacific Strategy of US

The Members of the delegation then met with the Congressman David Price, the Chairman of House Democratic Partnership, a partnership that has bipartisan membership. The Tibetan members informed the Congressman about the repressive situation in Tibet and sought his help in pressuring China to let His Holiness return to Tibet This is the aspiration of all 153 Tibetans who self-immolated. The congressman assured to offer his full support.

Congressman Price informed the delegation that a bipartisan US congressional delegation will be visiting Dharamsala soon; he stated that they are looking forward to it. The visit is as the per invitation from Sikyong Dr. Sangay of CTA last time when he called upon him.

-Filed by Office of Tibet, Washington DC

Tibetan parliamentary delegation with Sophie Richardson, the Director, Human Rights Watch, Director of Victims of Communism, Amnesty International, the Project 2049 Institute and HRW staff.